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     Natural Remedies ATX is a local resource bringing you the highest available grades of fresh Kratom deriving directly from Southeast Asia, the indigenous home of the Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) tree. We are a small, family owned business, and we procure & import the strongest, most profound & best value Kratom on the Austin market today!

     My husband and I have always been huge supporters of Kratom, because we’ve had nothing but positive, exceptional, personal experiences with this miracle plant. We worked, lived & traveled throughout Southeast Asia from 2006-2011, and we were very fortunate to develop a close, personal rapport with some amazing indigenous Kratom farmers. This incredible connection has allowed us to organize and streamline efficient distribution of highly potent, 100% pure, premium grade Kratom to all of our Austin neighbors at an extremely affordable & fair price no other local competitor can match.

     Our 100% organic, superior Kratom strains are clinically tested for maximum potency & purity. The potency depends on the age of the Kratom as well as how it's sourced, handled and packaged. All of these factors impact the potency. Our Kratom is freshly harvested and immediately imported for optimum freshness. We work with only a select few Kratom farmers, and their harvesting procedures are extensive. The leaves are picked, triple-washed in sterile water and taken inside an open air greenhouse to dry in their natural humidity. Once the leaves have been rinsed again and examined individually they are then subjected to clinical testing for maximum potency and purity. Afterwards, the Kratom is ground into a fine powder and then immediately exported to us in vacuum-sealed light resistant packages to ensure complete freshness! 

     My husband and I have both personally used Kratom off & on for the last 10 years, and it’s been such a wonderful blessing in our lives; specifically, for my husband. He has an autoimmune disorder, and Kratom has helped him manage pain & major fatigue and has allowed him the ability to stop relying on addictive, prescription pain medication. There are thousands of success stories on the benefits of Kratom, and if you would like to learn more please visit our ‘Testimonials’ and/or ‘Kratom Facts’ pages.


Fresh Organic Kratom

Austin Kratom Natural Remedies ATX

Andrew & Casey Jackson-Conklin

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